Halloween weekend 2016, in comparison to 2015, was not half bad on TV. I’ve followed the Horror Channel for most part of the week as they’ve been showing some decent films but they’ve been promoting their movies from the 28th through to the 31st October. First up was The Mist (2007) shown on the 28thI’d forgotten quite how dreadful it is – and long – and boring – and ridiculous – and turned off halfway through. Saturday night was a film I’d heard of but never seen called Haunter (2013).

Starring Abigail Breslin (known best for her role as Little Rock in Zombieland (2009) – which was a great movie by the way) and in M Night Shyamalan’s, Signs (2002) she played the adorable little Bo. Anyway, in Haunter she has the lead role, a young girl called Lisa. If I’m being honest, she wasn’t great. The acting was really bad at the beginning, just so unbelievable that I almost turned it off but the more the story went on, the more I actually wanted to know the ending.

So it’s about a family who are dead and haunt their home. Lisa contacts a girl who now lives there and communicates with her through a Ouija board. The idea is that a bad male ghost also haunts the house and causes all men / fathers who live there to go a little bit crazy and kill their families. Yep,just like The Amityville Horror (1979). But in Haunter, it’s dead Lisa who has to stop him.

It felt like a kids horror movie, a bit like The Hole (2009) but nowhere near as good. There was only one part I thought was pretty creepy. Towards the end there’s a scene in which a young boy is in a room with what looks to be his parents, suffocating them in their sleep. Some old music playing, reeled camera effect. It was pretty good but lasted about thirty seconds.

Was this movie great? No. Was it terrible? No. Would I recommend it? Probably not, but if you come across it when there’s nothing else on, give it a go if only for that one scene.