I don’t know if like me, every year you spend an hour or more looking for something decent to watch on Halloween only to find sod all? Well this year I was pleasantly surprised. There was a fair choice leading up to the 31st and a great selection on Halloween night. I was torn between Devil’s Due (2014) and Can’t Come Out to Play (2013). Also a one-off programme called Slenderman Killings. I’d seen Devil’s Due at the cinema when it was released and recorded Slenderman Killings and decided to watch a film i’d not only not seen before but also never heard of.

I did a quick check on IMDB and saw that Can’t Come Out to Play had fairly good reviews and a couple of faces I recognised in the cast like Michael Shannon and Samantha Morton, so I decided to give it a go.

It was pretty slow at the beginning, more of a drama than a horror, but even so I wanted to get to the end. It’s about a young boy who’s dying (we aren’t ever really told whats wrong with him only that his mother doses him up on drugs and he cant really fend for himself). Early on we realise that his mother is a bit of a bitch and when he befriends a local girl, does everything in her power to stop them from becoming close. Up until a fairly significant twist, you’re led to believe that the mother is just over-protective and over-powering, but it’s much more than that.

No, Can’t Come Out to Play isn’t frightening, it didn’t make me jump but it turned out to be so much more than just a drama. It was a psychological thriller with a spin on the ending that I really liked.

If you want to be scared then give this one a miss but if you fancy a film that is a little different with pretty decent acting, then give Cant Come Out to Play a watch.