I heard about Ouija : Origin of Evil (2016) from snippets of trailers I caught on TV and didn’t really do my research before going to watch the film which I’d usually do. To be honest I was just pleased that there was at least one horror movie released in time for Halloween. But basically I went in with no expectations and came out pleasantly surprised.

A mother, Alice, (Elizabeth Reaser who we all know as Edwards mother in the Twilight Saga) and her two children, Doris (Lulu Wilson – Deliver Us From Evil (2014)) and Lina, (Annalise Basso, whose face you’ll recognise from Oculus (2013)) lose their husband/father to a car accident and continue to live out their lives in their big family home. Alice, uses Doris and Lina to help run her clairvoyant business in which they trick people in believing their loved ones return to tell them they have passed over to the other side and are at peace. They believe they are helping people let go of loved ones lost. It’s not until Alice brings a Ouija board home to use as a prop for their business, that things take a serious turn for the worse. Contacting the dead, young Doris becomes possessed by the spirits of people who died gruesomely in their home many years previous.

Not an original plot but the acting is better than you’ll find in many similar movies, and some moments are genuinely creepy. There are a couple of flaws. I found it completely ludicrous that finding a friend hanging in your hallway wouldn’t cause near cardiac arrest, but this family seem completely unfazed.

I really liked the ending (for those of you who know me will know this means it’s not going to be the ‘happily ever after’ some of you might crave). Think Carrie (1976) or Friday 13th (1980), it’ll linger with you long after you leave the theatre.

All-in-all, Ouija : Origin of Evil is a creepy little horror movie that offers you the little scares every horror-fanatic loves. It’s not going to get a cult status, but it’s definitely worth a watch.