It wouldn’t be Christmas without a decent horror movie … well actually, it probably would but it makes it all the better if you do come across one. A Christmas Horror Story is a little gem.

I hadn’t been recommended it, I just came across it on Amazon Prime and thought I’d give it a go. It plays out like an anthology of several mini horrors that come together as one, but it’s much neater than that. It’s not as cut-throat as Holidays (2016) or The ABC’s of Death (2012)A Christmas Horror Story is tidy, you aren’t thrown around all over the place, you are instead lead into a fun world of creepy horror chaos.

I particularly liked the story of the lost boy in the woods but you get to see Santa fight back against his zombie-fied elves, we see a family come face-to-face with Krampus and a group of high-school kids being possessed by some evil-bitch ghost!

I’d not really heard of the directors before. Oddly they all appear to have worked on the Ginger Snaps (2000) movies which I didn’t rate much at all (Brett Sullivan, Grant Harvey and Steven Hoban).

The acting is fairly decent in most parts and although much of the story is unbelievable, its worth a watch and is great for a cold winters night, especially if you pick it up free. Even though it’s not Christmas, I’d still give it a go if I were you.

I would rate the movie an enjoyable 3.5/5