Anyone who knows me knows that I’ll watch pretty much any movie if it’s listed in the horror genre. So I began my nightly hunt on Amazon (which always starts with the Prime section) to see if anything new and half decent had been added. On Sunday night, much to my surprise was a horror, listed as 4.5/5 stars, called Hell House LLC which wasn’t only new to Amazon Prime but also completely new to me as I’d never heard of it. A quick background check on IMDB proved that it could be a half decent movie (anything over 6 stars on there to me means it could go either way), so I thought it’d be worth ninety minutes of my time to find out.

I’m not a huge fan of the found-footage movies, not only do they make me feel nauseated as hell, but they are normally pretty crap with no real purpose for the events being filmed. Hell House is a found-footage movie but what I liked about Hell House is that it  has purpose. It didn’t feel like it was thrown together like VHS (2012) (which I’m sorry but I hated!), it was more like Grave Encounters (2011) which was another little gem I came across about five years ago.

A group of friends hire out an old, supposedly haunted hotel to host there a walk-through Halloween attraction. I’ve been to plenty of them in the US and the UK (nothing will ever compare to ‘Terror on Church Street’ in Downtown Orlando) so I have a rough idea of what they set out to achieve. The only thing I didn’t get was why they had to stay in the hotel or why when stuff starts getting creepy, they don’t run for the hills. But I guess there wouldn’t be any point of the movie if they left so anyway … around a week before opening night, the clowns they use as props start propping up all over the place and honestly these guys make Pennywise look PG-rated! I wanted to cover my eyes in parts – they really are things nightmares are made of.


There’s no special effects, no gore, Hell House is just a creepy, well thought out, budget movie but unlike others of it’s kind, actually scared the crap out of me. Honestly! I’m not saying that it was the best story line, nor will the actors be up for Oscars any time soon (although the acting is on par with a lot of horror movies with a lot more money thrown at them), but it was just so damn creepy. One of those that you find yourself running up the stairs to bed when you’ve turned the light off like someone is chasing you (or is that only me who does that?!)

Hell House is good fun, doesn’t take itself too seriously but saying that has the ability to really creep you. So turn the lights down low and enjoy whilst it’s still free on Amazon.