What comes at night? I still don’t really know.

I didn’t do a tonne of research on this movie. I saw the creepy trailer, had a quick look on IMDB and booked my seat. Reviews on IMDB (my movie bible) looked pretty good. Described as a ‘horror, mystery’ I thought it’d be right up my street and I entered the cinema confident with its 7.1 rating.

I won’t try to deny the captivity that director, Try Edward Shults has over his audience throughout but honestly, I was expecting more of a Dog Soldiers (2002) twist with a fun, even horrific second half. But no, It Comes at Night is slow paced throughout with a sprinkle of tense scenes. It would have been better if this movie was marketed as a psychological-family-drama – then I’d probably have thought it was better than I do now.


I didn’t really feel it went anywhere and am one of those in the audience that uttered ‘oh’ as the credits raised.

Was the acting good? Yes, superb in fact. I recognised Joel Edgerton from The Gift (2015) straight away (which I enjoyed). Was the script good? Yes, pretty believable too. Was the story good? Yes it was, and it was gripping but because I went into the theater expecting a horror movie (and being a horror fan), I was of course a bit disappointed. Would I urge you to go and see the film? No, probably not but if you don’t expect too much then you will probably have different overall feelings to mine.

I rate this movie 3/5